Lease a New Hyundai

So, you're looking for a new vehicle. You've already decided you want a Hyundai, and now you're trying to decide between buying or leasing. Well, why not lease a Hyundai this time around? Because let's face it, you're not exactly the person who wants to get tied down, including when it comes to buying a new car. That's why we at Rick Case Hyundai of Cleveland offer several leasing deals on new and pre-owned cars, and SUVs in stock, available in a variety of models and trims packed with features to fit your lifestyle.

But your lifestyle and personality is always changing so leasing a Hyundai give you the chance to enjoy what you think it the perfect car for three years, and then bring it back to the dealership and get the next perfect car without having to absorb the costs of buying a new car, and then deal with the depreciation in value when you trade it in. A reasonable down payment and low monthly rates will be what keeps you out having adventures in that vehicle and will end once you bring it back after three years or a certain amount of miles.

We also have several leasing specials available for you to take advantage of and save even more over that time span, and our Finance Center is here to double check that you get the best possible leasing offer on that car. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly

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